There are many words for what I do: candid wedding photographer, documentary wedding photographer, reportage wedding photographer… All these titles sum up to one thing: I want you to be able to step into my pictures and feel like you’re right there, laughing with your best friend as you sip champagne and she fusses over your hair, squeezing your father’s arm when he winks at you as you two walk down the aisle, running around with your baby cousins, their shirts un-tucked and dresses stained, as they yell and play during one of the most joyful, momentous days of your life.


I’m Joelle. I am a published, award-winning candid wedding photographer located in Oxfordshire and working across London, Bristol and the rest of the UK. As a reportage-style photographer, I don’t want to take up half of your wedding day with posing and lining family members up for hours to create shiny, “flawless” shots that somehow… fall flat. I don’t want to take your wedding pictures, I want to take pictures of your wedding: the little details, smiles and interactions that make your wedding day what it is. When your mother teasingly pokes your father in the ribs because he stepped on her heel on the dance floor, when your brother takes an extra big bite of cake just to make you giggle, the moments when you and your spouse glance at each other, from across the table or across the venue, just to gaze at each other one more time – I want to capture those moments. I want the unrehearsed smiles and unpractised poses – the genuine, unabashed, sometimes silly, sometimes messy but always real joy that takes place at a wedding. I want to create images of your wedding you can step into, years from now, and feel that same joy all over again.


My style of wedding shooting is unobtrusive. The kind of intimate moments I want to capture mean that I have to blend in as seamlessly as possible – you’ll barely notice I’m there! That way you will get to enjoy your wedding without interruption, and I will be there happily documenting the story of your wedding day – exactly as it happens. As a professional graphic designer, I live and breathe design, and I make it a priority to create images that are as strong in their design as they are genuine to the moment. Your wedding day is one of the most emotional, beautiful days of your life, and there is nothing I love more than documenting the tears, the smiles, the sighs, and the laughter. Once the cake has been eaten and the dress trashed, I want you to have a set of images that tells the story of your wedding through intimate photographs that you never tire of looking at.


Go ahead and take a look at my gallery or my about page if you’d like to learn more about me or my qualifications. If you like me and my style of photography, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to hear from you!


How Do I Book You?

You can get in touch with me by using the contact form at the bottom of the page. We can arrange a chat, get to know each other and you can tell me more about your wedding plans. If you decide you are interested in booking me, and I am free on your wedding date, let me know and I will send you my payment details in order for you to pay your deposit. Paying the deposit will confirm the booking. A casual pre-wedding couple shoot can be arranged around this time (if desired), I offer these for £200 – plus travel expenses.

Do I Need To Pay A Deposit?

Yes, a 10% non-refundable deposit is required in order to confirm your booking.

When Is The Final Balance Due?

The rest of your balance is due 1 month before the wedding day. I will send you an email reminder at that time, so you don’t need to worry about missing the deadline.

How Many Pictures Do I Recieve?

The number varies quite a bit and depends on a wide range of factors, such as how long your day is, lighting, etc., but you should expect to receive between 150 and 800 professionally edited images depending on the package you go for.

When Do I Recieve My Photos?

Post-production is a long, arduous process and a huge amount of work, and most weddings I photograph take me about a month to edit. If it’s a quiet season, then you may receive your images a bit quicker.

Do You Offer Prints Or Albums?

I sure do! Once your images are edited, I upload them onto a password-protected online album, and prints can be purchased directly through this online album (which can also be shared with family/friends should you choose to do that). I also offer bespoke wedding album design, my prices for wedding albums start at £350 (price varies depending on album size and page count).

Do You Have A 2nd Shooter?

Yes, I do, but I would only recommend the second shooter if you want the groom photographed as he gets ready, or if you want extra angles in your shots, as I normally photograph alone. If you decide you do want the second shooter, the additional cost is £200 for a half-day or £400 for full-day coverage.

Do You Travel?

Yes, I do! I travel for most of my weddings, and I will travel anywhere I’m needed, provided my travel fees are paid for (and I always make sure to keep these to an absolute minimum!). However, some of my more premium packages have travel fees included in the price.

Do You Do Group Shots?

I do, yes, but these really aren’t my style. If the number of group shots you want reaches the double digits, you are probably better suited with another photographer. I understand, however, that we all have relatives to please, so a few group shots is fine!

Will My Images Be Shared?

Yes, but only in a select few locations. I always do a sneak peek of my 20 favourite images on my Facebook page, within a week of the wedding. Other than that, the images will only appear on this website, and possibly some promotional material. I’m not a big user of social media. If you don’t want me to share your images anywhere, just let me know, and that can be arranged.

What Happens If You Are Ill On The Day?

This hasn’t happened as of yet (knocks on wood), but if it does, I have a team of wonderfully talented wedding photographers I can call on. You don’t have to worry at all; your day will still be photographed beautifully!

Do I Need To Feed You?

A meal would be fantastic! It’s a very long day of shooting, and food will make sure I can keep up my energy from dawn to dusk. If you can’t feed me however, that’s no problem; just let me know in advance so I can plan accordingly.


  • £ 899 One Time Fee
    • Half Day Coverage (5 Hours)
    • 150+ Edits Supplied On USB + Online Gallery
    • 1 Photographer
    • Digital Pre-Wedding Consultation To Discuss Your Wedding Plans
    • Travel Not Included
  • GOLD
  • £ 1199 One Time Fee
    • Full-Day Coverage (Approx. 10 Hours)
    • 500+ Edits Supplied On USB + Online Gallery
    • 1 Photographer
    • Digital Pre-Wedding Consultation To Discuss Your Wedding Plans
    • Travel Not Included
  • £ 1699 One Time Fee
    • Full Day Coverage (Approx. 10 Hours)
    • 850+ Edits Supplied On USB + Online Gallery
    • 2 Photographers For Full Day
    • Digital Pre-Wedding Consultation To Discuss Your Wedding Plans
    • Travel Included
    • 20 Page Album

Optional Extras

Engagement Shoot – £200, plus travel expenses

Additional Hours Coverage – £100 per hour, per photographer

2nd Photographer – Half Day £200, Full Day £400

Wedding Album – Starting at £350


A pdf brochure of my pricing and more can be downloaded here!



We were looking for a photographer with a more relaxed style for our festival wedding. We came across Joelle's website and loved her style and after meeting we knew she was perfect for us. She was very relaxed but arrived promptly on the day & didn't get in the way, just hung back & caught lots of relaxed, natural pictures. She continually snapped away & caught all the elements of the day we wanted. We cant thank her enough for her efforts on the day and she also edited the photos so quickly we were able to view them just a few weeks after the wedding. We couldn't be happier, thank you so much!

Lois + Stu

Joelle took some absolutely fantastic photos on our special day. We asked for a variety of styled photos and Joelle pulled them off effortlessly. Her camera work was brilliant and there were so many incredible photos to look at. Joelle's candid style approach worked well as we had a lot of guests in a small barn, but she blended in superbly. She was also very professional at shooting in low light which is tricky to do but definitely pulled it off. Thanks so much for the effort you put in on our wedding day and the time you took to edit them, we are so pleased with the final result.

Jen + Chris

I would highly recommend Joelle Poulos as a wedding photographer. She totally understood the style and approach that we were looking for. We didn’t want to spend huge chunks of our day posing for stills with different groups of people (personal preference) but instead asked Joelle to seek out the natural, happy interactions between us and between our guests. I’m so glad that we trusted her to do this, as the photographs oozed warmth and genuine emotion. Joelle’s editing was beautiful also. Joelle was calm and professional from start to finish. All of the images were sent on a USB stick for us to browse at our leisure. Thank you Joelle for capturing our special day.

Kirstie + Reiss

We were lucky enough to have Joelle as our wedding photographer for our wedding day last August. We knew as soon as we met up with her prior to the wedding that she would be perfect. We really wanted a photographer who wouldn’t ask for lots of unnatural poses or cheesy shots. Joelle has an incredibly laid back style, which put us both completely at ease, as well as a great eye for capturing the most beautiful and candid photographs. We were both over the moon with our photographs and received so many compliments about them from friends and family. I wouldn’t (and don’t) hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.

Jo Hewson

Joëlle Poulos was our photographer for our special day, she made it all the more special as she captured all those moments. We wanted candid, natural style photos and that is what we got… plus more. I felt like we connected with her so well, it was hard not to when she had such an open and friendly demeanor. She blended well into the wedding crowd, you would’ve hardly known she was there. She wasn’t that photographer type, that shouts and bosses guests around to take stiff unnatural photos! She flitted about capturing real moments and politely requesting groups to get together. The photos are beautiful, genuine, natural and capturing a romantic, whimsical atmosphere. Joëlle is a sweet and a very talented young lady. We were very lucky to have her! She’s worth a lot more in my opinion, so an absolute bargain too! What more could you want?!

Jay Brand


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Unit 5, The Mill Yard, Penryn, TR10 8FN

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